Digital Marketing Services

100% transparency and full insights

Digital Heroes fully understand that every investment needs to be accounted for. What is my adwords doing, how are my social ads scoring, is my programmatic campaign still converting? We offer a good and transparent performance dashboard which you can access 24/7 from any location.

Programmatic advertising

Do you want to reconnect with the visitors on your website via Retargeting or setup a dynamic creation prospecting campaign via a programmatic platform (DSP). We can help. Digital Heroes have a big trackrecord in programmatic advertising. Visitors on your platform looking to products but aren’t converting, we can retarget them through social, search or display advertising. By dynamically targeting the viewed product to build-up audiences we can increase your website revenu. Lets get together, we can explain the principle and find-out if this setup suits your companies needs.

Programmatic Digital out of home

Programmatic Digital out of Home advertising offers businesses of all sizes the power to reach mass audiences.  Spending on Digital out of Home advertising (DOOH) is on the up. 

If you want to harness the mass reach of digital OOH or you need to take a more data-driven and targeted approach than traditional OOH offers. Programmatic digital out of home advertising (programmatic DOOH) could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

But what is programmatic DOOH? What options are available? What advantages does programmatic DOOH offer? 

Lets get together,

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most important part of driven traffic to your platform. Our specialist can help you with increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results

How? Easy; Digital Heroes helps you build a SEO-friendly platform by adding new techniques, adding or changing content and create link related topics. Get in contact now for a free SEO scan of your platform

Online Advertising

For all small or larger brands who are you struggling with getting the right results with Google adwords, LinkedIn or Facebook ads or want to start but you don’t know how? Digital Heroes can help setup the whole process; Search, Social, Video, Display and perhaps Content.

With a good setup, a well managed campaign we can provide your company with a steady flow of leads to increase your business  Lets find out if we have a match

Marketing Automation

A relative new field of expertise in the market, it is complex and often need structure to make it a succes.Digital Heroes has done several implementations of DMP and managing/structurering Marketing Automation projects.

Google marketing platform

For the more mature clients we help out with setting up your advertising stacks. Digital Heroes is certificated Google Marketing Platform specialist and knows how to help you grow your business on search, display&video but also analytics. Lets get together and we can help you setup the tools and skills you require to expand.

Conversion Optimization

Investing money in Google or Facebook can be successful but is the conversion flow also working? Digital Heroes checks and test the optimal customer journey on your website. Our goal is to optimize the conversion rate (percentage people who visit the site and buy stuff) and increase the value of your advertising investment.

Design and ad creation

Need help with development new (dynamic) ads, social posts, email templates or do you need a new digital platform? Lets discover how we can help you.